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3.5 bar low air modular generator


Vacuum ejector

3.5 bar low air modular generator


Vacuum generation time & compressed-air consumption reduced by half. The new COVAL LEM series vacuum module - TWINTECH technology - is connected to the network by a single M8 connector and has all integrated functions (electro-valves, pressure regulator, vacuum switch). Two times faster than traditional multi-stage technology, this allows the user to save 50% on compressed-air costs while reducing noise level by 30 dBA.


  • Air saving valve (ASR) 3.5 bar optimum pressure
  • Manifold or stand alone modules
  • Clog free silencer
  • Compact, optional control, vacuum switch, blow off
  • 3 nozzle sizes 3.5bar supply pressure
  • 60% and 90% versions available


Can I manifold mount multiple ejectors?

Yes we can supply in this form, please enquire when ordering

Can I add some control for vacuum on off and a switch?

Yes, these options are available

Can I use this ejector on porous products

Yes, we can supply a versions at 60% maximum vacuum level for porous applications
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