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CRG End of Arm Tooling Parts

CRG end of arm tooling parts and vacuum lifting equipment and components include vacuum cups for automation, vacuum generators, ancillary components, vacuum grippers and turn-key vacuum lifting frames for various handling solutions.

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CRG’s advanced end of arm tools and vacuum solutions cover various industries across the UK. The industries that benefit from our CRG end of arm tooling components and vacuum lifting equipment are:

Aerospace Equipment

We have a comprehensive range of CRG products used by the Aerospace industry, all designed and manufactured with strength and stability in mind. Our end of arm tooling components are used to build planes and aircrafts, lifting heavy parts with the help of vacuum equipment. Each end of arm tooling part is constructed under certified production standards, qualifying it to handle different manoeuvring capabilities with precision and accuracy.

Automotive Industry

Our CRG manufactured EOAT parts bring safety and efficiency to the automotive industry, along with our Coval vacuum handling components. The end of arm tools available include aluminium profiles, actuators and grippers: all strategically designed to support the Automotive industry’s demanding requirements and fast production methods.

Sheet Material Handling

The CRG end of arm tool parts we offer are designed to efficiently and securely handle heavy loads, benefiting the Sheet Material Handling sector massively. In this busy industry, sheet metal, glass panel and other materials are regularly secured, lifted and manoeuvred with a combination CRG accessories and Coval vacuum handling parts.

Vacuum Material Handling Packaging

Our wide range of CRG parts and solutions are all designed and manufactured for fluent movements and reliable handling. This precise machinery enables the packaging industry to have an easily maintainable and damage-free workflow.

Our CRG end of arm tooling parts benefit multiple industry operations. Our compact cylinder accessories, mounting clamps and sprue grippers, in particular, are a few of our best-selling CRG products.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors because of our broad product offering, ensuring we can always cover multiple production areas across diverse industry types. We also supply parts in different sizes to work to be of service to divergent task types. Our priority is making sure you have your end of arm and vacuum handling needs met by us.

Our CRG end of arm tools pair with our Coval vacuum lifting equipment, found here.

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