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Coval Vacuum Lifting Equipment

COVAL vacuum lifting equipment and components include vacuum cups for automation, vacuum generators, ancillary components, vacuum grippers and turn-key vacuum lifting frames for various handling solutions. Our Coval products are designed and manufactured to a high standard in the South of France, all with worldwide availability from the distributors who carry stock.

Coval’s advanced vacuum solutions cover a vast range of industries across the UK.
The industries that benefit from our vacuum lifting equipment are: 

Aerospace Equipment – We ensure that our Coval and FPS Automation product offering is sustainable and robust, suiting this industry massively. Our vacuum and end of arm tooling components are designed to handle the assembly of aircraft and planes. The vacuum products can carry out heavy duty manoeuvres and handling after being made via strict and certified production standards.

Automotive Industry – Our Coval manufactured products also support the Automotive industry with efficiency and productivity while maintaining a smooth yet speedy production line. With our Coval and FPS vacuum mechanical gripping and accessories, vehicle production has never been more secure.

Sheet Material Handling – Our Coval components are highly beneficial to the Sheet Material Handling industry, where materials such as glass panels and sheet metal need to be lifted, secured and manoeuvred. These niche vacuum parts are designed to handle heavy loads with safety.

Vacuum Ejector Equipment for Plastics – Coval’s ejector equipment includes suction cups, vacuum grippers, switch ranges and vacuum ejectors. Coval have a range of compact ejectors which save energy, automatically reducing the inlet pressure to 3.5 bar, making these energy saving vacuum ejectors more environmentally friendly.

Vacuum Material Handling Packaging – Coval’s vast range of well-engineered vacuum handling lifters and vacuum handling components are designed and manufactured by Coval to ensure reliable, sustainable and innovative solutions. Suction cups, finger modules, vacuum ejectors are commonly used in the packaging industry.

Suction cups and grippers are some of our most popular Coval products. We offer suction cups of various sizes, each type offering individually niche possibilities for the lifting and gripping solutions you require. Suction cups can handle a broad range of materials, from light and soft materials, to heavy duty pieces and parts. Some product materials that suction cups help to vacuum lift can vary from cheese to car parts! Depending on each individual application, a different requirement of suction cup or Coval vacuum lifting equipment is needed. Our vacuum products go hand-in-hand with our FPS Automation end of arm tooling components, found here.

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