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Cobot Vacuum Gripper


Vacuum gripper

Cobot Vacuum Gripper


The CVGC series is composed of a carbon structure and is 2.5 times lighter than aluminium. This vacuum gripper also offers a mechanical strength six times greater than previously manufactured grippers. The component has been designed to feature flexible material on the gripper edges to protect the gripper and the operator. The CVGC series also offers a foam gripping interface for versatile product handling and ease of use for the operator. Scroll down to find out more.


  • Lightweight
  • 3 different sizes
  • True cobot vacuum tool
  • Mechanical and electrical interface with many robots
  • All plastic and carbon construction

COVAL's CVGC Carbon Vacuum Gripper

Cobot Vacuum Gripper

With their innovative design, COVAL’s CVGC carbon vacuum grippers correspond perfectly to the weight constraints, flexibility and safety of collaborative robot applications.

The plastic ‘function’ block includes a vacuum generator, pilot control cartridge, silencer and vacuum switch to cover all of your vacuum gripping needs, whatever the task. All of the features above come pleasantly combined with the vacuum gripper’s very compact and ultralight design, which boasts a fast setup and easy integration on the robot.

The three standard formats allow you to choose your CVGC and ensure the handling of your loads: corrugate, plastics, metal/glass plates, etc. (URCap plugin available for e-Series robots UNIVERSAL ROBOTS)

This vacuum gripper from Coval helps to assist industries such as Food and Beverage, Packaging, Automotive, Plastics, Aerospace and Sheet Material HandlingGet in touch to find out more.

Coval Vacuum Grippers

Coval’s vacuum grippers offer high-quality solutions to meet the growing demands of the vacuum industry. Coval develops customised solutions for automated applications across various sectors such as plastic processing, food processing and packaging. Making Coval a sensible choice when it comes to vacuum components, as their success, expertise and experience speak for themselves.

Vacuum grippers lift, hold and move objects by using a combination of atmospheric pressure, a vacuum and sometimes negative pressure. These vacuum components are commonly relied on across various sectors to grip, lift and manoeuvre stock, car parts, packaging and much more. 

Coval’s vacuum grippers are designed to handle a vast range of applications. The brand’s grippers are also ideal for lifting uneven and even objects made of materials such as glass, sheet metal, plastic and cardboard. This Cobot vacuum gripper gives the operator complete control and makes for a reliable component to get the job done, whatever the application.

Coval’s vacuum lifting and automation components support various sectors throughout the production chain, from the handling of individual objects to complete end-of-line layer palletisation. With vacuum grippers and various automation products available, we’re sure to find the most suitable solution to meet your needs.

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