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Flowpak cups


Suction cup

Flowpak cups


FPC stands for FlowPack Cup: COVAL's new suction cup is fully dedicated to handling FlowPack packaging. A real technological breakthrough for a constantly evolving packaging method. FlowPack now has its very own suction cup.The FPC Series is based on three major innovations: Thin and wavy flower-shaped lips that perfectly mold to the packaging, whatever the shape; Internal cleats that allow for optimized vacuum while preventing any crushing and also strengthen the hold on the product being handled; Fittings featuring a lateral vacuum distributor that prevent any loss in efficiency when the product is held and materials: Food-grade silicone and plastic insert meets FDA and CE standards.


  • 4 models available
  • Various sizes available
  • FDA and EC1935 approved
  • Wavey and thin lipped to securely grip any flexible shape
  • High production rate due to design
  • Designed to handle flexible packaging


Do you have these in stock?

Yes, as UK distributors we carry large stocks of this product

Can I get a sample?

Yes, we will supply free samples
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