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Intelligent filed bus system generator


Vacuum ejector

Intelligent filed bus system generator


Nozzle Ø : 1 ; 1.2 ; 1.4 mm Vacuum levels : 60% et 85% Suction flow rate : up to 92 Nl/min Field bus : PROFINET - EtherNet/IP - CANopen Integrated pressure regulator (ASR) Integrated vacuum regulator (ASC) M8 connections Individual or Island ModulesIn a world where everything is connected, COVAL is innovating once more by unveiling the LEMCOM series: the first vacuum pump on fieldbus. The LEMCOM establishes a verified remote communication between the operator and the vacuum pump, with three possible fieldbus choices, PROFINET, CANopen and Ethernet / IP. ThIs allows the operator to receive real-time information and more importantly respond at all times to configure, diagnose and maintain the operation.


  • Air saving valve (ASR) 3.5 bar optimum pressure
  • Manifold slave and master modules
  • Clog free silencer
  • Integral vacuum switch, electonic display
  • 3 nozzle sizes 3.5bar supply pressure
  • 60% and 90% versions available
  • Fieldbus system
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