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Vacuum ancillary devices

Vacuum manifold


The NVS and NVR series vacuum feeders enable distribution of the vacuum in 4 to 8 channels by a simple unit. The 8/10 inputs and 4 or 8 6/8 outputs eliminate pressure loss.Advantages: Facilitates optimum vacuum management by improved distribution, eliminates air pressure loss, simplifies connection, less time-consuming installation, compact and lightweight.Models: NVS: Screwed feeder fittings, NVR: Push fitting feeder fittings, NVA: Threaded aluminum feeder.


  • 1 input to 4 or 8 outputs
  • Push in and threaded available
  • Compact and lightweight
  • No loss of pressure through the system, less leakage
  • Simple to use and eliminates vacuum loss


Why would I use one of COVALs vacuum manifolds?

The COVAL manifolds have been designed to give the best network performance and reduces the vacuum loss in a system
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